Our employees are encouraged to contribute to the Group strategy by putting forward ideas and suggestions. Getting teams involved in the planning and implementation of various projects is envisaged as a long-term approach, which supports our ambition to bring about radical changes in the way we work.

L’investissement dans d’autres projets sur la connaissance et la conservation de la biodiversité contribue également à comprendre le dilemme associé aux services écosystémiques comme à la production des biocarburants durables. Si certains types de biocarburants destinés au transport routier peuvent avoir un impact négatif sur la biodiversité, le groupe Air France - KLM veut garantir l’utilisation de carburants aéronautiques durables qui ont l’impact le plus faible sur l’approvisionnement en nourriture, la biodiversité et un impact positif sur le développement local.


Air France and KLM encourage employee involvement in progress and innovation initiatives.

DIP : Developping Innovation Program

The Developing Innovation Program (DIP) at Air France is a system allowing everyone to introduce changes to the company. The program already exists 25 years. Any staff member can suggest an innovation or an idea on how to improve a process in their area of activity and become an agent of innovation. The DIP program was developed in all the divisions and the best ideas by category are awarded each year, thus contributing positively to the company’s performance.

The many ideas proposed reflect the Group’s strategic priorities :

  • The top three topics (with most proposed ideas) are: quality management, customer satisfaction and simplification.
  • Ideas about occupational health and safety (4th topic with the most ideas) are crucial for risk prevention purposes.

The Digital Factory

In September 2018, Air France inaugurated its Digital Factory dedicated to innovation. Installed in front of Air France headquarters, this space has a dual mission: the digital acculturation of all employees and the incubation of innovative projects – an initiative that is part of Air France’s digital strategy.

The ambition is to make Air France simpler, more digital and more innovative. Digital is a great opportunity to go further and boost the quality of our service relationship.

  • The ground floor is open to all and includes a creativity room, “Protolab” prototype room where innovations can be tested (voice assistance, robots, etc.), showroom and forum space dedicated to conferences and events.
  • The first floor is reserved for incubation projects and hosts projects that are being developed. The permanent team brings together some fifteen people from IT, digital, marketing or trade professions. The time dedicated to each of them is 3 to 4 months. The goal is to go fast and deploy solutions quickly. The first project to come into existence is a B2B customer portal for aeronautical maintenance.

Boost the Future!

After the launch of AF Angels, the Air France’s internal crowdfunding platform, the intrapreneurial system continues its development with the new “Boost the Future!” program.

This program has the same basic principles as AF Angels (intrapreneurial project ideas put forward by employees, collective decisions on their selection) but focuses on ideas creating new businesses for Air France.

The employees already registered on the Boost the Future! platform can share their know-how and experience, join or build a team, submit an idea and build a business plan with the help of a coach. The selected projects then go into the incubation phase, within Air France.

Innovation Awards

The Fair & Recognition Awards is a event which aims at creating memorable experiences for employees and individuals while the teams were recognized for their contributions.
During this event the Recognition Awards have been presented. These awards were created to encourage all the good initiatives within KLM. Topics for Fair and Recognition Awards :

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Fit for the future (both physical and career)
  • Customer experience

Innovation Ecosystem

To build a sustainable growth engine for KLM, it requires coordinated, collaborative actions of all participants in the innovation ecosystem. The ‘innovation ecosystem’ is an overarching concept that empowers the decentralized innovation hubs & business units to innovate and stimulate bottom-up innovation ideas on all levels.

In 2020 the KLM Innovation Ecosystem was further activated by :

  • Connection of the innovation hubs & ambassadors

The ambassadors are the human presence at the core of the innovation community. They are the interactors, stimulators, connectors, drivers and coaches of the ecosystem.In particular they lead dialogues around innovation in their business units, help move forward and participate in innovation topics as well as in the coordination of the work and spread the energy.

  • Roadshows: Internal roadshows to create awareness around innovation ecosystem​
  • Masterclasses, which are open to all KLM-employees, are used for sharing best practices and leverage outside-in inspiration.
  • Launch of the ‘innovation ecosystem Sharepoint’
    • 500 visits since the launch
    • 800 unique viewers
    • Content is continuously updated
    • Creating engagement and inspiration for all employees

Innovation communities on Yammer

Yammer is the AF & KLM on-line social network for all employees. Several communities are focused on innovation and innovation idea creation.

During 2020 the Yammer-community “Cash4BlueHeart“ was launched and opened for all KLM-employees to share their innovative ideas to save costs. Over 1.000 ideas were shared over a period of a few months. Staff from all departments send in ideas that were relevant for their own or other departments and divisions. All ideas were reviewed and implemented when feasible. In all cases the sender got an individual reply. In this way participation in innovative idea creation was stimulated and fostered.


The Group has a number of different channels for in-house communication of sustainability information :

  • The Air France-KLM Yammer platform, where “Air France Takes Care” and “Sustainability at KLM” encourage employee communication and interaction. The shared information and discussion forums are open to all employees.
  • Our My Learning online training platform provides an entire section dedicated to Sustainability: a great deal of content, videos and articles are presented there.
  • The KLM CEO Mailbox, where employees can suggest innovative ideas..
  • Internal forums and meetings on various sustainability themes regularly organized at Air France and KLM, notably during Sustainable Development Week.
  • During the Blue Heart Days, held in February, KLM employees could volunter to take part in a sustainability project for a half‑day during working hours. The choice of projects was broad, ranging from removing plastic waste from canals to helping manage the North Holland dune reserve.
  • KLM participated in the annual Global Goals Week: aims to accelerate all efforts to achieve the goals by 2030. Seminars and webcasts will be held worldwide and all Dutch municipalities as well as many Dutch businesses, including KLM, will fly a special SDG flag on Friday, 25 September.