Business Responsibility

The world is traversing a major public health crisis. The global fight against Covid-19 is underway and our economies and societies are being severely impacted. This is an unprecedented chapter in the history of the Air France-KLM Group, as well as for the airline industry as a whole. The Air France-KLM Group is committed to tackling this crisis and demonstrating that we have all the assets we need to overcome it, as we have done time and time again throughout our history.

The Group’s business brings together people, economies and cultures, and drives economic growth and social progress.

The overarching ambition of the Air France-KLM Group is to become an aviation champion in Europe, while assuming its role as a pioneer in sustainable aviation. As such, flight and health security are both an absolute imperative that the Group owes to its customers and staff, and a daily commitment.

L’investissement dans d’autres projets sur la connaissance et la conservation de la biodiversité contribue également à comprendre le dilemme associé aux services écosystémiques comme à la production des biocarburants durables. Si certains types de biocarburants destinés au transport routier peuvent avoir un impact négatif sur la biodiversité, le groupe Air France - KLM veut garantir l’utilisation de carburants aéronautiques durables qui ont l’impact le plus faible sur l’approvisionnement en nourriture, la biodiversité et un impact positif sur le développement local.



We have long embraced our responsibilities as both an employer and an airline group.

We have been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003, and are committed to respecting its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, and to promoting this commitment to our partners. By integrating sustainability into our business and operations, we strive to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals within our scope of influence.


Sustainability strategy

Our strategy is built on 4 pillars that are part of our value creation model and integrate our main extra-financial issues.

Environment: We aim to reduce our environmental footprint by improving our operations and processes, partnering and innovating in the supply chain and by mobilizing our staff and the industry.

Employee journey: We aim to create a safe and motivating environment for our employees. We are continuously developing skills to ensure the professionalism and employability of our staff, and to achieve the best results for our business.

Customer trust: To secure the trust of our customers, our employees and partners, we must ensure their safety and health in all our operations. Together with our suppliers and partners, we aim to take sustainability into account to offer high quality products and service to our customers and create memorable experiences.

Societal value: We strive to add economic and social value in the areas where we operate. By working together with local partners and through its procurements, the Group creates new business opportunities and supports projects that contribute to future generations and local communities.

Governance: Sustainable Development governance is ensured by the management bodies at the highest level of the Group:

  •  the Board of Directors approves the strategic orientations and monitors their implementation;
  • within the Board of Directors, the Sustainable Development and Compliance Committee, established in 2018, assists in reviewing the risks and policies, by issuing recommendations and ensuring that issues linked to sustainable development are taken into account when defining the Group’s strategy. Every year, the Audit Committee reviews and validates the main extra-financial risks.
  • the Group Executive Committee determines the sustainable development policy and ensures that it is an integral part of the Group’s strategic planning. It reviews the sustainable development strategy and performance on an annual basis. The Group’s Corporate Secretary is responsible for the Sustainability and Compliance department;